Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review!

On February 20th 2010 I enrolled as a Thirty-One gifts Consultant!! I was so excited to start a New journey in my life but I never thought how Thirty-One would change my life and family in so many positive ways!

On March 29th I recruited my 1st team member, Kristy! I was so excited but scared at the same time! I knew GOD was by my side because he already blessed me by becoming a consultant! May 2010 was my biggest month ever!!! My commission check was $699.20 that might not seem a lot to some people but to me that money was going to help me and my family! In July I left for Ohio for our National Conference!!! I was so excited because I wanted to learn new things for my Thirty-One business! I had an AMAZING time! Making new friends, tons of new information that I couldn't wait to get home with and FREEBIES everywhere I turned! My favorite memory will be meeting our Founder and President Cindy Monroe! She is such an incredible woman. Im looking forward to 2011 National Conference!! August 1st was my 1st catalog change! From learning the Spring/Summer catalog I knew I was going to have to learn a brand new Fall/ Winter catalog!!! Again I was scared but the new transition went great! I already LOVED the summer collection but with the new Winter collection was even better!!! On September 23rd I recruited my 2nd team member, Diane!! I was so excited! GOD was blessing me in so many ways! Before I knew it October was here and it was my 2nd biggest month!! My commission was $628.75! I couldn't believe how far I had come since February! December was going to be my 1st Christmas with Thirty-One and again GOD blessed me with new Christmas customers!

I will admit my business has had its ups and downs but in the end I dont look at the negative. I look at all the friends I have made, the lives of women I have changed, by having Home Parties I have came out of my shell! Yes my commission checks have been wonderful to me and my family! Because of Thirty-One Im able to stay at home with my son Peyton!

My 2011 Goals for my business!

~ Grow my team! I would LOVE to meet new women who wants a change in their life!

~ Become a Director and walk across stage at National Conference! If I make it as a Director my goal is to earn a FREE trip for my husband and I to MEXICO!!!

~ I would LOVE to increase my paycheck! My Executive Director in October made over $11,000!! She has worked so hard for that and I know Im going to have to step it up and work harder too!

~ Thirty-One has started a new Rewards Program my goal is to reach 15,000 points so I can take my family on a Carnival Cruise!!

These are some awesome goals for 2011 but if I pray, work hard then GOD will bless me! Im really excited to see what all GOD has in store for me and my business for 2011!!!

If your looking for a change in your life I would LOVE to introduce you to Thirty-One! Contact me to learn more about Joining my Team! It only cost $99 (plus tax and shipping)

Im so blessed to be part of an amazing company! We are growing so fast, NOW is the time to jump on board!

Live your Dreams! Contact me today!

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