Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cupcake Cuties Review

I love to make Cupcakes for all occasions! I recently learned about a website called Cupcake Cuties! I was so excited when I was able to review their Football kit which included 24 sleeves, green jimmies (sprinkles) and white writing gel!

All you do is start out with a Frosted Cupcake, add a Cupcake Cuties Sleeve then decorate the cupcake that they provide in the kit! Its so easy and simple!!!

My Thoughts: I Love this website and products!! I recommend Cupcake Cuties to anyone who wants to take their cupcakes to the next level!! Its like a costume for your cupcakes!

Kits they offer are:
Icecream Cone
Santa Face and so much more!!!

I would LOVE to try the Popcorn Kit (pictured below) I think it so cute!

CLICK HERE to Join their Cutie of the Month Club! Each month you will receive a different cupcake cutie package!

Check out their FACEBOOK page!

I know your excited to check out their website so head on over to Cupcake Cuties to see for yourself how CUTE they are!

A big Thank You to Cupcake Cuties for letting me Review a Kit!!! I was not paid to review Cupcake Cuties.

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